Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Some Food Photos from Jan

Lemon Marmalade Cake

These are some more photos from January, 2018. The top photo is a cake I baked using some lemon marmalade that a friend of mine gave me. In the beginning of new year, I was in the mood for baking. And it got more intense later on, to tell you the truth. ;) 

Other than baking, I enjoyed being in this gathering one night. It was to thank staff (incl. myself) of a biodiversity-related event for their hard work.
They serve good-tasting fresh seafood at this restaurant. :)

BTW, I am certified as a Disaster Preparedness Specialist, and have been involved with some awareness-raising activities. This month, I joined this disaster preparedness workshop. We practiced preparing meals and sweets using polyethylene bags.

Now many disaster response organizations including Japan Red Cross are advocating this method for cooking at evacuation shelters where the water supply is limited. Cooking this way, you don't have to use water for washing pans/pots, and you can repeatedly use the same boiling water for cooking several kinds of dishes. Besides, for those with food allergy in the same evacuation shelter, you can prepare their meals separately in different bags and easily distinguish them by simply marking on the bags.
There are special bags named Hi-Zex (made of High-density PE) that have lines to show the amount of rice and water needed. But actually cooking is possible with polyethylene bags from the store- even DAISO - as far as their thickness is 0.015 ~0.02 mm. Now, what do you think?
We were able to cook all these using polyethylene bags! Isn't it impressive?

It was still pretty cold in January. Many people in Japan got into taking close-ups of frost and posting them on Instagram. These are some of my shots.
My hands were shaking all the way and it was terribly difficult to take clear shots. But at least I felt as if I was seeing a different kind of universe, which I truly enjoyed. :D

And this photo was taken at my friend's house. She was the one who gave me the lemon marmalade.
And this last photo is from my luncheon meeting with a friend of mine at a restaurant at the tip of cape Muroto. My friend wanted pasta, but they didn't serve pasta dishes any more, so this was what we both had instead that day.



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