Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Food Photos - November

Astringent Persimmons Not Astringent Any More
We did this again. I guess without doing this, I can never feel comfortable in November without doing this. LOL 
I harvested astringent persimmons, dipped their upper half into strong liquor (35%), stored them in tightly-closed plastic bags and kept warm in the bathtub. That's how we remove astringency from astringent-type persimmons so that we can enjoy eating them firm without having to wait until they are completely ripe and soft.
The trick worked alright this time as last year and we -- actually, my parents -- enjoyed eating them. Me? I was able to eat just one of them and my parents ate up the rest!! :O

Now, October and November are the good time to shoot omega sunrise mirage. These two are my favorite shots.

In November a fair called "Industrial Festival" takes place in this city. Since the major industry here is mostly the primary industry, you find many food stands at this fair.
And there was a dance performance as well.
Actually I helped with this dance team's food stand and sold fried potatoes while the team was performing like this.

In this month, there was another festival in a different part of the city.
Every year I take mom to this one because her former tea ceremony friends serve green tea at this event.
The members of this group always make sweets themselves using local ingredients only, which is such a wonderful effort, I think.
In the same event, at a different location, they sold things like food, crafts and second-hand clothes. It was nice to take mom there, though she didn't buy anything.

Towards the end of the month, our English conversation club had a little early year-end party at the restaurant with a great ocean view. (The party was held at night so the ocean view didn't matter, though.)

Those who have lived in Japan for a while probably know that they often put noodles into the soup after eating a nabe (hotpot dish) at restaurants or Izakaya pubs. The noodles are usually udon, but here they used ramen noodles for that purpose. It was different and nice, except that the soup was a bit too sweet for ramen noodles... ;)

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