Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Food Photos - August

Pizza @ Tonno 
THIS was the best month of 2017, or could be the best month in my entire life???
My Australian friend visited me in my hometown to spend about a week with me. This pizza was one of the foods we had together while she was here. It was a half-and-half pizza at an Italian restaurant called Tonno. I guess the left half was pizza margherita and the right half was topped with locally-grown pork slices and green onions.
What was unique was their lemon squash, though. Look.

My friend and I thought it was blue Hawaii and definitely thought that they did not hear our order right. But they said it was their lemon squash and my friend said it tasted like one. The reason why they make it blue like this?
No idea... LOL

Anyway, my friend and I did so many things together!
Trekking along the river:
Enjoying the geological formations along a coastal trail:
Getting close to a lighthouse:
Short cruise:
Drinking at an Izakaya pub:
Having Omurice lunch at the restaurant with a great ocean view:
... and many, many more activities including a BBQ night at the lodge she was staying at! :D

Oh, it was such an unforgettable experience.
I'll remember August 2017 for the rest of my life. Definitely!


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