Sunday, July 30, 2017

Food Photos - July

Lunch at a restaurant near the tip of Cape Muroto
This restaurant has a magnificent ocean view. It's really something to have this Bento lunch with a mango sorbet as a dessert at the table facing the Pacific Ocean. :)

In July, we have this traditional whaling boat race every year.
And that is the time when my Spanish friend visits this town to spend a few weeks of her summer vacation. When she comes, we usually go to this "curry & tea" place to enjoy curry and rice.
On the other hand, in July there was something totally new as well. One night they had a small gathering at the cafe @ Geopark Center to enjoy a meal and lecture on stars, then go outside to actually see the stars with a telescope.
The meal was very filling and ...
... everyone loved this dessert which was a perfect match with the theme of this gathering.
IIRC, we were able to see Saturn that night. :)


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