Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Food Photos - June

Local religious festival banquet
People in rural places tend to value traditions. Maybe it's universal?
Anyway, in June, we have a religious festival in my neighborhood and the top photo is the food we prepared for the banquet. Yeah, women in the neighborhood got together and made these. It IS nice to enhance community tie that way. But to be honest, just a few times a year is enough for me. (It's just like cooking with a bunch of mother-in-laws, you know...) ;P

Typical flags you see at the Shrine gate at Shinto festivals

At this festival, we cut a huge round rice cake into small pieces and wrap them with aluminum foil so that everyone can take one home with a sprig of sakaki tree. Both rice cakes and sakaki (Cleyera japonica) are holy in Shinto religion and considered to bring blessings to you.

I also went fishing in June. :)
Another thing I tried in June was this:
Building rocket stove with bricks. It was so much fun! :D


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