Monday, February 27, 2017

Food Photos - February

 Matcha (Pawdered Green Tea) Buckwheat Noodles I Made

I tried out this flavored buckwheat noodles, which turned out to be quite OK.
The scent of matcha was so delightful. But the dipping sauce was a bit too strong and hid the matcha flavor. So that's what I need to work on next time...

And I came up with a buckwheat cookie recipe to use up leftover buckwheat noodles. :)

Another thing I tried out... ponkan orange marmalade and cream cheese on Ritz crackers.
Pretty good!  :D

In Feb. some early-blooming cherry trees are already in full bloom. Here's some pics from our Cherry Blossom Festival.
Steamed (and slightly sweetened) sticky rice flavored with cherry blossom and leaves, maybe?
And jelly in cherry blossom color.

And my left foot was cured enough to start some exercise this month.  :)



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