Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Food Photos - January Part2

Ponkan Oranges from Dad's Orchard

I guess I wrote about dad's orchard before... He couldn't take care of it himself any more, so we said OK to a young guy who wanted to take over. And it was still in his trial period without a formal contract when this happened...

What happened? Deers ate barks of all the ponkan orange trees there!
I mean, not just dad's orchard. The neighbors' and our relative's also suffered damage. We thought the trees would eventually die. But ironically, this was an "on-year"for oranges and the damaged trees and obviously they needed to get rid of heavy fruits so that they can use nutrition for their survival. 
So, though my left foot was not completely cured, I picked oranges day after day with the help of my friends.
Sometimes we had lunch at the orchard like this one.

Uh... Did I say "food photos?" Oh well. These aren't, obviously. But just to let you know what I was up to around that time.

Since my left foot was cured enough to walk up to the orchard, I re-started my morning walk. Here's one of my photos of omega sunrise mirage. Impressive, ha?
But still I was spending plenty of time at home instead of taking photos here and there or joining fun events. So I started practicing Koto, traditional Japanese musical instrument which I practiced when I was a child (and quit within a year or so). ;)
Then I wanted to make a cover for it, and soon it became my fun project. See the result? I made this with used Obi belt that I bought online for about $15! (This was an incredibly good buy. The original price must have been more than $500 or so.)

And it was also this month that I discovered a couple of new places to eat at. One was an okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes with minced cabbage and chopped meat and/or seafood mixed in) place.

And a new diner opened at the location not too far from my house. This is their "Morning set (breakfast plate?)"
Yep. I was recovering steadily. ;)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Food Photos - January Part 1

One of our New Year's Rituals - Bonfire (2nd Sunday of Jan.)

I'm terrible. It's already May. Yeah, again, I procrastinated.
And now I'm trying to catch up by just posting several pics for each month, with a short summary of what happened then, maybe (and with faked dates, of course).

So, here's some photos from January. On this post I'll have the ones related to traditional New Year's customs.

Long-term readers of my blog already know about osechi and have seen photos of our family osechi for years, right? ;)
Almost the same, every year. Ha ha.
But with mom's hospitalization and my broken foot, it was just great that we were able to do "the same thing" again this year...

And our family tradition: New Year's celebration ritual (which you read about over and over on this blog, right? ;))

Oh, yeah! I didn't forget to wear kimono! At that time, mom was back from the hospital just for a short stay and still very weak, so I couldn't count on her help. It took hours for me to put on this outfit and the tie was getting loose by the time I got this shot. From my unnatural posture, I guess you can tell I was trying hard to hide that fact ... LOL

In our community, on the 2nd Sunday of Jan. kids collect New Years' decoration items in the neighborhood and burn them to send the God of New Year back to heaven. It is said that if you eat the rice cake grilled over this bonfire (more precisely, grilled over the charcoal heated in this bonfire), you don't catch cold or can stay healthy throughout the year.
Yeah, the same beginning of a new year, again.
I'm grateful.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Belated New Year's Greeting!

And I'm posting this on January 13th, 2017, to be honest. Sorry again for my procrastination!

But trust me. These photos were definitely taken on the New Year's Day. Yes, the first sunrise of 2017.

It's been my tradition to take photos of the sunrise on Jan. 1st.  And I guess it was 2015 when I started making New Year's cards out of them to post on my blogs and Facebook page.
I did the same again this year!!

 "To Welcome Spring"

"Happy New Year!

I wish everyone the very best for the new year. :)


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