Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gee, I Didn't Need Cheese for This One ...

Jack mackerel with tomato sauce and cheese, baked in toaster oven

My lunch today.
Mom bought a lot of small jack mackerels the other day. They are not small enough to be ideal for deep-frying, but not big enough for sashimi (sliced raw fish). So I used about half of them to test my tomato sauce. Other ingredients were olive oil, garlic, herbs from my garden and cheese.

The dish tasted OK. The tomato sauce was not too sweet and went well with seafood, I thought. But it would have been better without cheese. Definitely. :(

Anyway, soon we will have fresh tomatoes from dad's veggie garden. And around that time, it is also young jack mackerel season. Mmmm... can't wait! :D


acquaviva said...

in Italy we usually don't add cheese to fish recipes, it covers too much gentle fish flavour. But every rule has its exceptions...

obachan said...

Hi acquaviva,

I totally agree. The tomato sauce and cheese made it taste like cheap pizza, which almost totally hid the fish flavor. Next time I'll try something like acqua pazza. :)


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