Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Dream Came True !

Beetroot Pickles with Cottage Cheese

See what I'm enjoying now! :D

Never really thought I could make this happen here at my house (my parents' house, to be more precise), but oh, you never know!!  Oh, I'm so happy!!

What I would like to do differently next time is adding some whole cloves (I didn't use them this time) and making the pickling solution less sweet.



littlemancat said...

Hi Obachan! Always nice to see a posting! Have you ever had pickled eggs or also called redbeet eggs? It's just hard boiled eggs soaked in a jar of the beet juice. Delicious! It's a common treat here in Pennsylvania near the Amish and Mennonite communities, also what is called the Pennsylvania Dutch.

obachan said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for your comment. Actually, I've been to Lancaster county in early 80s. I guess that was Easter weekend or something. And I think I saw the pink eggs, but didn't eat them. Mmmm... maybe, after eating the beetroot pickles, I can use the pickling solution for making the redbeet eggs? What do you think?

littlemancat said...

Sure, that should work. Enjoy!


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