Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daikon Pickles, STEP 2 and 3

 My Daikon Pickles in Mid February

So sorry that I didn't post about this earlier. Yes. My daikon pickles were already ready to eat mid February. And I tell you what. IT'S A GREAT SUCCESS!!! YAY!! :D

Oh, I have to apologize for not posting a picture of STEP 2. Actually I forgot to take a pic when I did STEP 2, so here's one from several years ago.... 2009. Basically what I did this time in 2016 was not really different from this.
STEP 2 (Photo from 2009)

What you do in STEP 2 is you take daikon out from the salty water, drain well, then place them in a new plastic bag with ingredients like sugar, vinegar, dried kelp and red pepper, and place a weight on top. For details, click here to read my post from 2009.

Now when I opened the lid to see if the pickles were ready in Feb. 2016, it looked like this. So let's call this STEP 3.
And they looked like this inside the plastic bag.
The photo above isn't too impressive, but the taste was really goooooooooooood! They turned out a little too salty in 2009, and I was more careful this year about how much salt I use. It worked. ;)
Now my family enjoys eating them at almost every meal. Yep, all the hard work is rewarded. :D

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