Thursday, December 10, 2015

So Terriby Sorry!!!

I didn't realize it until I heard from one of the kind readers of my blog the other day, but I neglected to post anything here for such a long time!
Yes, almost one year!!! OMG!!!
Terribly sorry!
So, here's a quick update on my situation.
Now I really need to do something to tell myself -- and the world -- that my year 2015 was NOT empty. Fortunately I did take food photos once in a while and some of them look pretty nice. So
I'm going to upload them (with short captions, maybe? ) in a few posts, perhaps categorized by season.  :)

I'll start the project tonight.
Stay tuned! :D      Now I have to leave home to run some errands...


Belle said...

Hi Obachan! So happy to see this post. Welcome back to your blog :)

I am looking forward to your updates from this year!

Anonymous said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who wondered how you were doing!

obachan said...

Hi! I'm slowly working on it.
More to come soon (hopefully) ! ;)

Anonymous commenter
Wow, that makes me feel so happy. Thank you. :D


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