Friday, December 25, 2015

Looking Back at 2015: Jul-Sep

 Several food related events were held here in summer 2015. There was one in July in which University professor and his students collaborated with local aunties in Muroto to explore how to make tasty dishes with emergency crops and edible wild plants.
They came up with many tasty dishes. Amazing! @@

At the end of July, I hosted a Buddhist memorial ceremony for my deceased aunt. See this unique altar?
Here's the description of the ceremony quoted from my Facebook post:
"So THIS is how the altar was decorated.
The Buddhist ceremony today was mainly for the deceased -- in my case, my aunt --, but also for consoling "gaki" ghosts. Gakis are always hungry because of the sin they committed while alive in this world. In Bon period, they are thought to come back with the deceased (usually via water like rivers or the sea), and the family members feed the poor ghosts as well when they celebrate the first return of their loved ones from the world of the dead. 

So when we prayed at the altar today, we threw some rice & chopped eggplant mixture under the altar and splashed some water for gaki ghosts. This tradition probably faded out in urban areas, but still exists in the countryside with abundant nature where gaki's existence may be more convincing. "

BTW, It's my summer ritual to make peach cobbler every year, and I didn't forget to do so this summer.;)


Dad and I had a decent harvest from our veggie garden this summer.
And I was lucky to enjoy fishing at least once.
This is my most fave way to eat silago: deep-fried silago roll with ume plum paste and green perilla in the center.

I was lucky enough to join this international BBQ? event. Indonesian food was really good.


And there was another big BBQ event in September! :)

Look how they roasted wild boar meat!! :O It was amazingly tender and tasted so good with local seasalt.

BTW, in Sep, 2015, I gave this a try for the first time in my life:

 See? Not bad for a fifty-something-year old, huh? ;)



Belle said...

Beautiful! Everything looks so good and is making me hungry! By the way, where did you go diving? Did you take a vacation somewhere, or did you stay in Muruto? I've always wanted to try diving but I'm not good at swimming.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Obachan!

masa said...

Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To a better year ahead!

obachan said...

Happy New Year!
I went diving in Muroto. The instructor kindly came to Muroto to let me experience the diving. It was such an exciting challenge.

Thank you for your comment.
I wish you a super happy New Year! :D


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