Monday, December 21, 2015

Looking Back at 2015: Apr-Jun


April 1st is a special day for the locals in my hometown. It's the beginning of abalone season. Here we are allowed to pick abalones from Apr. 1st till Aug. 31st only.
There are several kinds of abalone, and you need to be a good diver to to pick expensive kinds. What I can pick most of the time are the ones in above photo -- cheap, chewy (almost rubbery) type.  I think you can see how I pick one by clicking here (if the link works).

But if cooked in a pressure cooker, the chewy type abalones are not bad. I often cook them that way first, then slice and mix them into batter with chopped onions to deep-fry them.

In spring, nature's blessings are abundant in the mountains as well. I picked lots of leaves from my small sansho pepper tree, ground them and mixed with miso (fermented soybean paste) and mirin (rice wine). It makes a very fragrant and tasty glaze.

About a month after my aunt's death, her friend brought me some bamboo shoots and asked me to cook them as an offering to my aunt.
So I gave it a try.


My deceased aunt's friend took me to this restaurant in March (IIRC). And two months later, I took mom to this place. She loved this lunch plate with small salad and miso soup. I like tasting a little bit of many different kinds of food like this. :)

And these are strawberries from my garden. I think I made jam with them.

This was chirashizushi served at a small restaurant in town. See the slices of different seafood on top of vinegared rice.

And I went fishing once in May, 2015. This was the catch. I think I deep-fried them.


I lived only a few years in a southern state in the U.S., -- and it was a long time ago -- but that was long enough for me to develop a love for Southern cuisine.
Now I'm very lucky that in my prefecture, there is a cafe called The Delta Blues Cafe. These two photos show what I ate there in June 2015. Maybe it's a good thing that the place is far from where I live now... Otherwise I would quit cooking at home and spend all my time eating at this restaurant and chatting about the South...

Dad planted tomatoes again...

... and I made tomato sauce again, like I did a year ago.

And I joined a BBQ, too.

Last photo: Mango ice cream @ Merry Garden.

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Belle said...

The strawberries from your garden look so cute this year! How many did your garden produce? I think my family has tried to grow strawberries before but I don't think they were ever successful.

That's so cool that you are able to get a muffaletta near your hometown :)


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