Sunday, January 04, 2015

Some Things Never Change... Our New Year's Feast

I guess long-term readers of my foodblog already know what our New Year's feast looks like, because it's always the same. Right?

But think about it. With mom's dementia progressing, being able to make the same celebration feast with her as previous years is a great thing. Actually, this time, things weren't as bad as before.
This is what I wrote on my FB about our preparation for the feast this time:

"Last year, I had a real hard time on the New Year's eve, cooking with mom all day. She was on Aricept then and was irritated and feeling insecure. This time, her memory wasn't necessarily improved, but she was calmer and more organized today, and seemed to be feeling confident in some tasks. I guess I have to give mom's medication credit. The combination of MEMARY and ARICEPT did work for her!! "

And we managed to make and enjoy our Zoni soup, too, just like previous years!
Everything was the same.

Not very exciting? OK, then, I'll post something different this year. Me in kimono (traditional Japanese outfit). How's this?
At the end of last year, I was invited to my good friends' wedding. I decided to wear kimono, partly because I didn't want to wear my "only-for-funeral" suits nor rent something. Borrowing mom's kimono was the least expensive solution, to tell you the truth. But the main reason was for mom. She used to teach putting on kimono, and I thought that asking her to do that on me could stimulate her memories and do her good.

It worked! ;)
She did a great job, and looked like she regained some confidence. So I asked her to do it again to celebrate the New Year. Hence, the photo above. ;)

So, our start of 2015 was not bad, I would say.

Hope you enjoyed your New Year's feast very much. ;)


K and S said...

happy new year!

littlemancat said...

I always enjoy the tradition of the same foods, etc. on the holidays. It feels right. And thanks for the lovely pics - you look wonderful in kimono! Hope your Mom's health stays on track.
Happy New Year!

Tea Apprentice said...

Hooray for your mother doing so well! Beautiful food, and beautiful kimono too!

obachan said...

K and S
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Thanks. :)
Mom still seems to be calm and emotionally more stable compared to one year ago. I'm so glad.
Wish you a great new year!

Tea Apprentice
Thank you. I like this kimono, but it's mom's so a little small for me, to tell you the truth.

Anonymous said...

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mariko said...

That looks delicious! And the kimono is beautiful. Happy 2015!

obachan said...

Thanks for the offer. I'll give it a thought. :)

Thank you.
Super Happy 2015 to you, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love this post! The food looks wonderful as does the kimono. I'm so glad to hear that your mom - if not getting better - is at least not getting worse. Sometimes, it's the simple things that need celebrating in life!


obachan said...

Thank you, N.
Yep, I totally agree. It's the simple things. :)

June said...

Obachan, I miss you! I hope all is well. I check all the time to see if you are still blogging. I just love your sharing with us. Love, June

obachan said...

OH, thank you so much, June.
Gee! I didn't post for such a long time! Unbelievable.
Yes, I'm doing OK. I did have a hard time from Dec. 2014 to Mar. 2015, but now I can say that I'm back to normal life. :)
I will post about it soon so that my readers will know what I've been through.

Anonymous said...

Ova hand you look very beautiful wearing the kimono!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I typed Obachan, but the computer auto corrected it to Ova hand, Obachan.

obachan said...

Thank you, anonymous commenter.
I feel very flattered. Don't worry about the auto-correction. It's just a device to add some extra laughter (and stress, too?) to our lives. ;)

Sushma said...
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