Thursday, October 02, 2014

Unforgettable Sudachi Citrus Dressing

   Fish Marinated with Super-sour Suchachi Citrus Dressing

My previous foodblog, Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden had a "Bloopers" category (please don't try to open it, though ... It doesn't work now and I can't fix it anytime soon). On this blog I'm not labeling "bloopers" any more, but THIS dressing should have deserved a label like that. :P

Here's the story.
I harvested bunch of sudachi citrus this summer, and used some for infused liquor, but still had a lot of leftovers. And before my family could use them up as a condiment for grilled fish, they turned yellow. So I came up with an idea of using the juice for a salad dressing. Not bad idea, right?

So the idea was OK. But the result wasn't. It turned out REALLY sour.
The reason was that I didn't have enough olive oil at hand and didn't feel like additional shopping. And I was too lazy to save the sudachi juice for some other use -- like jelly or something --. As a result, too much juice and too little olive oil made a VERY sour dressing. ERrrrrrrr!

I thought that it might be OK for marinating fish, especially when served with cheese. Hence, the top photo.


I'm actually writing this post in November, but the dressing is still sitting in the fridge. And I've been ignoring it until...
... until it turns obviously moldy or rotten and I can throw it away with no guilt? Hehe... ;P.


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