Thursday, August 14, 2014

Love Their Colors!

Noble Scallop
Bon is a Buddhist custom in Japan and our ancestors' spirits are said to come visit us during this period. It's also a family reunion time. Supermarkets sell local specialties and party foods twice as much as usual!:)

Noble scallop is something they started selling recently at supermarkets around here in this period (though it is not exactly our local specialty!). In my neighborhood, we already celebrated this custom in July, but last night I took this opportunity to try some because my family has never tasted it before.

.... I know. Overdone. But they tasted good. :D


Anonymous said...

Awesome photography and colors. Are the colors of the shells raw or cooked? Aloha!

obachan said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment.
Their colors looked beautiful when they were raw, as in the top photo. The color faded quite a bit after being grilled.


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