Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First Watermelon from Our Garden This Year!

Watermelon - Oval Variety named "Madder Ball"

Those who have been in Japan for a while must know why I mentioned "oval variety" in the caption above. Traditionally, watermelons are round in Japan. But this oval variety is becoming more and more popular, at least here in my hometown. :)

Among the plateaus here in Muroto, Nishiyama Plateau is known for tasty fruits and vegetables grown there, thanks to the abundant sunlight and good drainage. We all loved watermelons from there. But now the farmers there are old, so they changed from the traditional kind to this oval, smaller, lighter but much sweeter variety. That was definitely a right choice, I would say. Now this small rugby-ball shaped watermelon from that particular location is branded as "Kira-Bou." It is such a prestigious local specialty, sold at limited locations (and online) only.
http://murototsuhan.com/?pid=60035202 (In Japanese)

Now, of course, there are people who want to grow such popular watermelon in their own gardens. Dad is one of them, and that's why this expensive watermelon is in our kitchen now -- for free --, though from a garden with less hours of sunlight and poor drainage.

The taste?
Mmmmmm.... it's OK, as long as we don't compare it with the real Kira-Bou.

BTW, the name of this oval variety is "madder ball," and I wonder if the name was given in Japan, not abroad... I googled with "madder ball" and "watermelon" but the hits I got seem to be Japanese pages only. Actually I'm confused about this, because some says it should be spelled, "madder bowl," which makes less sense to me. They say "madder" means crimson, but I can't help thinking about its different meaning. 
How about you?   LOL


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited you in about 2 years! I'm glad I found the site again and to see you a re actively writing,
From, a happy reader

Anonymous said...

I was in search of miso cookies and found your blog. I saw that you bake a batch with purple sweet potatoes and would like to know the recipe for it as I love miso cookies and also purple sweet potatoes. Can I have your email address? Or can you email the recipe to ccl277@gmail.com? Thank you. Lynn

obachan said...

A happy reader

Thanks for coming to see this blog again! Yeah, now I'm back and more active compared to the last couple of hears.
Hope you keep coming back to see how I am doing. :)

I sent you an email. Forgive me, that was the best I could.
Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! Is it drainage that's key to growing good watermelon? I always thought it was that you'd need loooots of watering.

I remember when I was little, we had a watermelon grow accidentally (you know, spitting a seed out into the yard...), and I was so excited when I saw the fuzzy baby melon... but I thought the fuzz was a disease... so I scraped it off... and that was the end of that watermelon... LOL


Tindy said...

Obachan! Hello!

It's been about 2 years since I've visited, too...lol. That watermelon looks delicious!

Are you ok with the typhoon?? I hope Shikoku isn't getting too much wind!!

obachan said...

I'm no expert on this so don't know exactly why, but people around here always say that good drainage is important for growing watermelons.

It is a cute story that you scraped off the fuzz... :D
Me and my sister always spat watermelon seeds into our garden, but they never grew like yours.

Thanks for coming back again.
Yep, the typhoon weakened quite a bit before coming to this area, so no serious damage in my hometown. But some damage, injury and deaths have been reported in Japan and I feel very sorry for that.


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