Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aiko in Scones!

Dried Tomato, Herb and Cheese Scones

See what I made with the home-grown and home-dried plum tomatoes! :D

In addition to the dried tomatoes, I added dried herb (thyme and oregano) and grated cheese.
They look nice, don't they? As for the taste...  Well, this was definitely a healthy recipe. But I'm going to try a different scone recipe next time.


Anonymous said...

That's a shame that they didn't work out. When I read the combination I though it sounded good and could imagine the flavors!

Was it the texture or flavor that didn't work?


obachan said...

Hi Alan,

The texture wasn't good.
The recipe only said "add the dry tomato (preserved in olive oil) with the oil," but didn't say how much oil. And the recipe called for soy milk instead of milk. And other than that, no butter, no shortening, no oil. So I assume that lack of fat made the scones quite hard and dry.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, definitely sounds delicious. I wonder if you could soak them in olive oil or put butter on and toast them into croutons or something.


Anonymous said...

With your curiosity and willingness to improve I am looking forward to your next attempt!


obachan said...

I think butter would have worked.
Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah, I already picked a couple of recipes.
Maybe tomorrow or the day after...

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