Monday, June 16, 2014

What This Banana Bread Tells You

Moist Banana Bread Made with Overripe Bananas

I guess many people already know that banana bread turns out great when used overripe bananas. Or it is almost like this bread is designed to be made with such bananas. And long-term readers of this blog probably know that when I post about a banana bread, it means that some bananas in our kitchen were in an emergency situation.  LOL

Yep! It was exactly what happened this time, AGAIN.

But Obachan found out about it, took out a printed recipe of banana bread from the bottom of the recipe folder, and
once again, saved the day! :D

Yeah, I know. I'm not too happy about the big holes in the bread. This time I didn't mash the bananas thoroughly because I wanted to leave some chunks to enjoy the different texture. But now I think that a better thing to do was mashing the bananas thoroughly and adding chopped nuts for a different texture.  Haha.. :P


Anonymous said...

Obachan, you're posting so much recently, I could hardly believe it! Haha! I'm the exact same way with my bananas...but I don't like the texture of baked bananas, so I always mash them up reaaaally well.


obachan said...

I think I post more recently because I feel more need to be connected with people outside of my house.

Yeah, next time I'm going to mash the bananas very well. I'm sure I'll like it better that way.


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