Tuesday, June 24, 2014

See This Glass?

Iced Coffee @ Akaoka Cafe Zeyo 

This signage led me to this small cafe in Konan City (about 1.5 hours drive from where I live now) last Sunday.

It says "Walk about 140 steps to the left, then turn left." So, obviously someon walked here, counting each and every step. LOL

It will take you pretty close to the cafe. Then if you can find another small signage with the name of this cafe, you'll be here:
Entrance of Akaoka Cafe Zeyo
.When ordered an iced coffee, it came in this cute glass in the top photo.
Loved it so much! ♡


Anonymous said...

Wow, the glass looks so cute and refreshing - what a great find! I love their way of advertising; that's the kind of discovery you miss out on here in American towns that are not built for walking around, but driving everywhere.


obachan said...

I agree! When I was in the States, I did enjoy walking/hiking in the woods, but almost never in towns.

Mmmmm... maybe that's something we can emphasize to attract foreign tourists to rural Japan... :)


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