Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Get-Together Dishes -1-

OMG! I can't believe that I did this again! I neglected this blog for more than one whole month! Sorry for being lazy... and sorry for setting the date of this post to the last day of March. It's just so sad not to have anything for March 2014 in the archive...

So, what food did I enjoy in March? Many, of course. But let me focus on our get-together dishes for this post.

These photos were taken on Mar. 15th when we had dinner together to welcome an instructor invited from Tokyo. He was here to teach us interpretation. We thought that a nature lover would enjoy local specialties made with edible wild plants and local fish. Hence, these dishes.
Japanese Knotweed Stir-fry and Mola Mola Simmered with Miso (soybean paste)

Not many Japanese know what a mola mola would taste like. It's quite bland and the texture is rather rubbery. But if simmered properly and seasoned with miso (soybean paste) and ginger, it makes a tasty side dish with an interesting texture. :)

Yellowtail Sushi

I like to call this fish yellowtail rather than amberjack, but whatever the name is, it is the most loved fish in this area.

Japanese Traditional Pilaf with Mushrooms and Batter-fried Coastal Thistle

Seems like we Muroto residents are not the only people in the world who eat thistle. The plant looks like this, if you have never seen one before.
 Yeah, look at all the spines. You think that our mouths bleed every time we eat them? Ouch!
... Don't worry. We only eat the young roots and leaves of the plant. Growing on coastal sandy or gravelly beach, they look like this:
The photo shows how they are being sold at a local farmers' market. But we the locals do not have to buy them... we just go to certain parts of the beach and dig them up. :D

Yep, now it's the season to enjoy the blessing of nature. Here in Muroto, even if you're totally broke, you will not starve in spring... Pick shoots of wild plants in the mountains. Catch fish and pick shellfish and seaweed on the beach. There's plenty of them.

But let me tell you... if you love doing so, and if your neighbors and relatives also love doing so, and if each family always picks these things way more than they can consume at home... do you know what happens?

A tragedy.

I mean it.


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