Thursday, February 13, 2014

Orange Jam?

Orange Jam? or Soft Candy?
I'm wondering what I should call it because it is actually as thick as soft candy. XO

As I wrote before, dad cannot take care of his orange orchard any more, but the trees still bare fruit. We rarely pick the oranges, and most of them just fall to the ground. But they're not necessarily bad -- they're still edible. So I can understand that if someone in my family felt like bringing some home to find out how they taste.
... But not too many, please!!!
Actually this always happens. Every year, I find lots of no-good oranges like the above photo in the kitchen. And usually, they don't taste so great or anything. After my parents taste some and get disappointed, they -- the oranges, not my parents -- tend to sit in the kitchen until they turn moldy and no one feels guilty throwing them away.

But the other day, I came up with an idea of using them to make something with my mom to have her use the abilities she has left. Since making marmalade is a bit too much work, I decided to go for orange jam. Basically, my thought was that if I cook the juice and flesh of the oranges with sugar, I should get something edible. And if it was not too successful, I could dissolve it in some hot water, as a last resort, to make hot orange drink. Right?

So I asked mom to help me with these preparations...

... and cooked the juice and flesh with lots of sugar.
Yes, for too long, I guess... :O
Do you think the jam sort of looks nice in the photos? Do you? Thank you. But when I ate it with these English muffins, it stuck to the teeth, which was almost annoying!

So, I'm pretty sure that my next post will be about "my homemade hot orange drink." LOL


Cheryl said...

That looks really beautiful-I didn't realize you could make mikan jam!
We lost a lot of mikan this winter in California because of our hard frosts, but I think I will try this with my mom too..

littlemancat said...

Looks so pretty, nice pics! Perhaps the best thing about the project was for your mom helping and being engaged in the process.

obachan said...

Have a good time with your mom. My jam wasn't a great success... I cooked it too long. Hope yours turn out tasty. :)

Yes, I think so, too.
She doesn't remember doing that, though...


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