Friday, February 07, 2014

Hot Buttered Rum with Good Memories

Hot Buttered Rum

My first encounter with this warm, winter drink was in PA, U.S.A., more than 30 years ago. It was a cold winter and the temperature outside was -20 degrees C on the night of Christmas Eve that year. On our way to my host family's house from the church, my nose hair froze, which was something totally new to me.

And as soon as we sat at the table in the kitchen, my host mom made hot chocolate for kids and hot buttered rum for me. Oh, the hot, sweet, rich and spicy drink... :D  I had never tasted anything like that before in my life.

And still now... 30 years later... hot buttered rum brings me back the memories of the spicy aroma that filled the host mom's kitchen, and the color of the candy canes hanging from the Christmas tree.

Today it's pretty cold, even here in Muroto. It snowed a little early in the morning, and later it turned into a cold, sleety rain. I made this drink to warm up myself. And I thought that a couple of nice photos of this drink with steam coming up from the cup would warm up the readers of this blog, too.

But... too bad.

Though I almost boiled this drink, much more than necessary, still I couldn't get the steam in the photos! Mmmmmm....  ;P
I guess I didn't have enough light.

Hope everyone is warm and happy on a day like this... :)


Katherine said...

I've never had buttered rum. Do you boil it with spices?

obachan said...

Hi Katherine,

I don't think it's necessary to boil it, and usually I don't. Today I did so just because I wanted it to be super-hot so that I can get the steam in the photos, but it didn't work... :P

Usually, all you have to do is put everything in the mug and pour in boiling water.

David said...

What's your recipe for this cocktail? I've seen many versions, but I like the look of yours.

obachan said...

Oh, thank you, David.

Basically, the ingredients were dark rum, sugar, butter and boiling water. But sorry, I can't tell you how much of each...
No, it's no secret. I just didn't measure anything, and kept adding rum and sugar until I was finally satisfied. ;)

And I really wished that I had a cinnamon stick.


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