Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hot Orange Drink, as I Promised

Homemade Hot Orange and Ginger Drink

Dear Readers,
When you read my previous post about my overcooked and hardened orange jam, didn't you say in your mind, "Oh, Obachan! You can solve the problem real easy!"
I guess some of you did, but were hesitant to say it aloud until today.

Don't worry any more. I found the solution myself.

All I needed to do was adding some hot water into the jar of my orange jam, then microwaving it for a couple of minutes and stirring it thoroughly. It worked just like that. The jam is now properly runny and easy to handle!! :D And now it is much easier to make hot orange drink with it.

Actually I tried to make the drink before I found that solution -- when the jam was still as hard as soft candy. Yep, it took me a while to scoop the jam (candy) out of the jar and place it at the bottom of the cup. AND it took even longer to dissolve it in hot water.  :(
Today it was easy to transfer the proper amount of jam to the cup. Very easy. :)

And the drink looked like this when some boiling water and grated ginger were added!
The drink is pretty good, honestly. After all, it was worth peeling, squeezing and cooking those not-so-good oranges instead of throwing them away. The drink does have slightly annoying smell of overcooked sugar, but adding some spice like cinnamon or cardamon would help. ;)

And the best part is ... YES! Eating the flesh of the oranges that sank to the bottom of the cup!!
Mmmmm...  This is soooooooo good.  :D


Rowr said...

This reminds me of a similar thing made with yuzu that I make when I have a cold.. perfect for winter weather. :)

Tea Apprentice said...

Looks beautiful and delicious :) I have a lot of extra orange marmalade -- I never thought of turning it into a drink before. Maybe I'll try it!

obachan said...

Oh, yes! That's Yuzu-cha. I love it much better than this one. But this orange drink wasn't bad, either, so I'm happy that I gave it a try.

Tea Apprentice
Oh, why not! ;)
I hope you like it.

tofugirl said...

Good idea turning it into a drink! I will have to try that with the plum jam that I seriously overcooked last summer...


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