Thursday, September 05, 2013

Food Photos from This Summer - June 2013 -

Yeah, again, I neglected this food blog for such a L O N G time. All summer, actually. So I'm taking an easy way out. I decided to rummage through my photo folders from June, July and August, pick food photos and post them with minimum explanations. Hope you don't mind. This does make me feel better... It's a big shame just to let the summer pass by like nothing ever happened.

Blackberry 'n Blueberry Pie from Delta Blues Cafe in Kochi

Party Food at a Farewell Party for an Australian Guy

 A Chewy Type of Abalone I Picked and Cooked (70 of them!)

 At a Gathering at New Sunpalace Muroto

 My Homemade Pumpkin Flan

One of My Fridge-Cleaning Recipe (Don't remember what fish I used)

Sillago I Caught, and Batter-Fried

Seared Bonito (as Part of an Experience-Based Activity)

At least in June, I was still interested in posting more on this blog, though it wasn't easy with mom being in the kitchen most of the time, being a bit confused.


Anonymous said...

Obachan, these look amazing and delicious! And it is so great that you can catch fish and pick abalone and vegetables yourself. Thanks for posting!

obachan said...

Hi anonymous commenter,

So you liked my photos? Glad to hear that! :D
Yeah, I like the slow life here.


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