Thursday, September 05, 2013

Food Photos from This Summer - July 2013 -

The photo at the bottom on this post was taken on the 13th of July. And it was the 14th when I caused a terrible car accident and my blogging had to come to a halt. Not just blogging... I thought I'd never be able to enjoy anything in life, at least for a while, since I caused two people to get injured in the accident. But thank goodness. The fact that you can see the August post of this series means that things moved forward. I'm writing this on Sep. 5th and the compensation for the broken properties and the injured persons is being taken care of, one by one. And I've started to enjoy life again... at least, once in a while...

Made Tomato Sauce and Sun-dried Tamatoes

Kamasu (Small Barracuda?) Sushi

Bullet Mackerel Confit and Lemon Pasta @ "Tonno" in Nahari Town

Egg Sandwich @ "Maze"

... hopefully as a bit more mature person. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I'm glad that it wasn't worse than injury, and that things are getting taken care of slowly, and that the people involved have been nice to you. I'm sure you didn't mean it. And it means a lot that you don't shirk the responsibility. But I'm sorry it happened!

obachan said...

Thank you so much for your caring comment. I guess I was lucky, after all... though I wish that it didn't happen at all.

But anyway, it was great to find out how kind and supportive people can be.


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