Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sad News...!

My Ume juice project 2013 started like this in May, but...

So, this was what I did in May to make green Ume plum juice as  I do every year. At this stage, I had stars in my eyes and was 100% sure that everything would be just fine. But now, in the middle of June, I found out that my attempt failed. Because of the unusual hot day(s) at the end of May, my Ume plum juice not only went through fermentation but even got moldy. AHHHHHHHH!
(The mold looks too gross, so no photo of it.)

Is any useful thing included in the mold? like penicillin?I DON'T THINK SO.
Oh, well!  :(


K and S said...

oh no :(

obachan said...

Yeah. Really.
I've read on someone's blog that you could save the moldy ume juice by removing the mold and heating the juice for a good while.
But I don't feel like drinking it...

Anonymous said...

At least it resulted in a beautiful white mold. Before reading your comments, when I first saw your photo, I thought it was some fruit covered with ground ice...:)

obachan said...

Hi Anonymous commenter,

Yeah, it does look like ground ice. :)

The mold looked really terrible... it wasn't even white, so I didn't feel like taking a photo.


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