Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yesterday's Lunch

Mini-Kaiseki Lunch? @ Sansuien

Oh, it was so great! I had this great opportunity to enjoy the lunch in this photo at the restaurant of a traditional Japanese-style hotel in Kochi City yesterday. The hotel is a prestigious one with a long history. And what was great was that I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY. IT WAS A TREAT. YAY! :D . .


K and S said...

that is so nice! hope you are doing fine :)

obachan said...

Hi! Yeah, I'm doing OK. Wish I could find a job, though.
This was certainly a nice treat.^^

Anonymous said...

Just curious, I followed your blogs for quite some time. Is it true it is hard to get a good job as a woman in Japan due to the gender gap or is it caused by the economic situation or your location (seems to be nice but pretty rural)? What are the reasons? Meanwhile I hope you already found your job and you are happy and doing well.
I am interested in the situation of women all over the world and as a big fan of Japan - as I wrote just curious

Obasan Kiki from Germany


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