Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gee! I Forgot to Post about This!

Merry Christmas! 

It was my very first Christmas with caviar!! Oh, what a luxury! It was just heavenly combination of caviar, cream cheese and this sparkling sake.

I want to say thank you a million times to the person who made this possible for me.

And look! These are home-made cookies they gave me at the Christmas caroling at the church.
It was certainly an unforgettable Christmas eve.  :)

OK. I have a confession to make. I wrote this post in early 2014 and faked the post date. Hence, the title of this post. Sorry!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Food Photos from This Summer - August 2013 -

There was a local culinary event on the 5th of August and the majority of the photos on this post are from that day. To be perfectly honest, I didn't feel like that kind of event at all then. But I was asked to be a designated photographer that day and it was so obvious that everyone else was too busy for that role. Hence, these photos here. Don't they look gorgeous?
Wish I felt like tasting any of them that day, which I didn't.
From the Culinary Event @ New Sunpalace Muroto - August 5th

Fried Green Tomatoes -- My Fave Food with the Memories of Mississippi, U.S.A.

Don't worry.
Now it's September. And I'm pretty much recovered from that terrible experience. Actually, like everything else which I end up being involved with, there were many funny aspects involved in that incident, too. Maybe I would be able to laugh about them in a few years.
But for now, I'm just going to let the time pass, doing the things I can do/need to do and being as sincere as I can be. Oh, and also being open to the gifts that life can offer. That's all I can do now.

Food Photos from This Summer - July 2013 -

The photo at the bottom on this post was taken on the 13th of July. And it was the 14th when I caused a terrible car accident and my blogging had to come to a halt. Not just blogging... I thought I'd never be able to enjoy anything in life, at least for a while, since I caused two people to get injured in the accident. But thank goodness. The fact that you can see the August post of this series means that things moved forward. I'm writing this on Sep. 5th and the compensation for the broken properties and the injured persons is being taken care of, one by one. And I've started to enjoy life again... at least, once in a while...

Made Tomato Sauce and Sun-dried Tamatoes

Kamasu (Small Barracuda?) Sushi

Bullet Mackerel Confit and Lemon Pasta @ "Tonno" in Nahari Town

Egg Sandwich @ "Maze"

... hopefully as a bit more mature person. 

Food Photos from This Summer - June 2013 -

Yeah, again, I neglected this food blog for such a L O N G time. All summer, actually. So I'm taking an easy way out. I decided to rummage through my photo folders from June, July and August, pick food photos and post them with minimum explanations. Hope you don't mind. This does make me feel better... It's a big shame just to let the summer pass by like nothing ever happened.

Blackberry 'n Blueberry Pie from Delta Blues Cafe in Kochi

Party Food at a Farewell Party for an Australian Guy

 A Chewy Type of Abalone I Picked and Cooked (70 of them!)

 At a Gathering at New Sunpalace Muroto

 My Homemade Pumpkin Flan

One of My Fridge-Cleaning Recipe (Don't remember what fish I used)

Sillago I Caught, and Batter-Fried

Seared Bonito (as Part of an Experience-Based Activity)

At least in June, I was still interested in posting more on this blog, though it wasn't easy with mom being in the kitchen most of the time, being a bit confused.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sad News...!

My Ume juice project 2013 started like this in May, but...

So, this was what I did in May to make green Ume plum juice as  I do every year. At this stage, I had stars in my eyes and was 100% sure that everything would be just fine. But now, in the middle of June, I found out that my attempt failed. Because of the unusual hot day(s) at the end of May, my Ume plum juice not only went through fermentation but even got moldy. AHHHHHHHH!
(The mold looks too gross, so no photo of it.)

Is any useful thing included in the mold? like penicillin?I DON'T THINK SO.
Oh, well!  :(

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Pasta Dishes I made in April

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino with Bracken Fern and Rapeseed Flower Buds

You know I haven't been cooking much lately, but sometimes I really feel this strong urge to experiment on new ideas. And the urge is strongest when winter is over and young shoots of edible wild plants and certain seafood become available in spring.

Bracken fern shoots are known to contain some carcinogens. In Japan, before using them for cooking, we prepare them with plenty of boiling water and some wood ash. You add the ash to the boiling water, soak the bracken shoots in it and leave overnight. Then drain and wash them thoroughly with fresh water, and soak them in cold water (running water is better) for about a day.

This test batch wasn't such a great success. It wasn't because of a bad choice of the ingredients, though. It was just the matter of not adding enough olive oil, salt and garlic.

Cream Pasta with Short-necked Clams and Rapeseed Flower Buds

Now this was a success, I would say. These short-necked clams are pretty small, but good enough to add nice flavor to the cream sauce. The only thing was that the clams were so small and to eat them, I had to pick up the shells with my fingers and use my front teeth very skilfully. :D

It always feels good to cook something using the fresh ingredients I obtained in the mountains, or on the seashore, not at the store. What a blessing.


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