Monday, July 23, 2012

To Quench your Thirst

 Homemade Ume Plum Juice

It's roasting hot outside. I'm relaxing in my room right now, sipping this wonderful ume plum juice. Remember this post? The ume plums and the juice look like this now.

See how these plums are wrinkled up?

Another good time to have this drink is after taking a hot bath at night. Oh so good!!  :D


Anonymous said...

Whoooooooa~~ So amazed that that's the finished product! For some reason I thought the drink would be colored (like, brown-ish)? Anyway, it looks so refreshing and delicious, I'm jealous *-* Glad it turned out well! :)

littlelichen said...

Yum! If only we had that type of Ume here.


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