Saturday, July 07, 2012

Abalone Adventure - 2

 Homemade Pizza with abalone, zucchini and mushroom slices

So, this was the "another idea"that popped up in my mind after the first attempt with the chewy abalone slices. And this turned out to be a good idea.
I made the pizza crust from scratch, based on this "Five-minutes-a day " recipe. :)
This was not bad at all ... Actually, much, much better than the pasta. And the next time, I'm going to try this with a crispy crust and use much more basil sauce and no tomato sauce.


Anonymous said...

Wow , very interesting. 1st time I come across abalone pizza. Over here in Malaysia, it's so expensive and we only get to eat the canned type.

Did you saw my posting to you earlier (in you 10th June blog) about my coming Japan trip?
Hope you can share some valuable tips. Haha just like when you came to Langkawi.
We are on a free n easy trip. 4 ladies without direction and a clue to move around.

obachan said...

Hi Elayne,
Yes! I saw your comment. So sorry that I forgot to respond. I'm going to email you about it, so please wait.

obachan said...

Hi again!
I just emailed you. (Hope you're still using the same email address).
Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks tasty! I love seafood pizzas, but never had abalone pizza before. :)


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