Monday, July 23, 2012

To Quench your Thirst

 Homemade Ume Plum Juice

It's roasting hot outside. I'm relaxing in my room right now, sipping this wonderful ume plum juice. Remember this post? The ume plums and the juice look like this now.

See how these plums are wrinkled up?

Another good time to have this drink is after taking a hot bath at night. Oh so good!!  :D

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Abalone Adventure - 2

 Homemade Pizza with abalone, zucchini and mushroom slices

So, this was the "another idea"that popped up in my mind after the first attempt with the chewy abalone slices. And this turned out to be a good idea.
I made the pizza crust from scratch, based on this "Five-minutes-a day " recipe. :)
This was not bad at all ... Actually, much, much better than the pasta. And the next time, I'm going to try this with a crispy crust and use much more basil sauce and no tomato sauce.

Abalone adventure -1

Cream Pasta Flavored with Green Seaweed powder and topped with Abalone Slices and small dried shrimp

Like I wrote in my previous post, I love abalone picking. This was what I caught on July 4th. To make the best use of this very tasty but chewy type of abalone, I brainstormed for a little while. And the top photo was my attempt.
 Though I sliced them very thin, still the shell fish was quite chewy. So I ended up eating those slices and the pasta separately. And when I was about to finish this dish, another idea popped up in my mind.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ume Miso Project 2012

Ume Miso Project - Day 11 -
I guess I'm experiencing a positive change now. For the past couple of years, I didn't feel like cooking almost at all. You probably noticed it because I didn't post any photos of my own cooking.
But lately I'm going back to my old habits. See? In addition to the ume juice project, I started this ume miso project as well.
For more information about ume miso, click here.
This is the photo of the preparation phase. I placed unripe green ume plums, sugar and miso alternately in a container.

And this was how it looked on day 11th (before stirring).

I stirred it thoroughly and left it rest again. :)
It should rest more... until these ume plums give out their juice and totally wrinkle up.
I'll keep you updated.


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