Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pizza Margherita from "Pizza Napoletana"

A pizza van named "Pizza Napoletana"comes to Muroto about once a month. Usually they stay in the parking of Sunshine supermarket and sell pizza. This month, they came about a week ago. But I forgot to post about it on the next day, so now, here's a belated post about this cute little pizza van.

(To tell you the truth, I bought the margherita in early afternoon that day, but took the top photo hours later. That's why it doesn't look too tempting... looking kind of soggy.)

What's neat about the van is that it has a small stone oven inside!

Traveling around in the prefecture, they must have been enjoying meeting many people in many different places.

They're coming to Muroto on the 22nd in July and the 12th in August.   :)


blaine said...

I think I've seen that truck at Fuji Grand. I would like to try making that kind of pizza once I have built an oven someday.

Looks good.

tofugirl said...

Wow, a stone oven in the truck! Cool! Can't imagine how hot it gets in the summer, though. Looks yummy :D

A Prunepicker's Posting said...

I've been making pizza lately using Alexandra cook's 5 min. a day pizza. Extremely easy & delicious.


obachan said...

I bet you make excellent pizza, because you are really good at baking.

Yeah, that's what I was concerned. Poor guy.

I just had a peek and oh it looks so easy! And I made tomato sauce just the other day and I have sweet basil and sage in my garden! Mmmmm... ;)


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