Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cafe on the Rock

Last week was a real eventful week. Maybe some of you already know very well about the period with many national holidays we have in Japan at the end of April and in the beginning of May. The period is called "Golden Week." In Japan, it's the time you HAVE TO travel, or camp, visit your grandparents, or visit Tokyo Disney Land or Universal Studio Japan or other known travel destinations. OR GEOPARKS. Yes, of course. So some people did choose to come to our Geopark, which we appreciated very, very much!  :D

To offer such visitors our local cuisine (and to gain a little extra income), this year we tour guides set up a food stand called "Cafe on the Rock." Well, nothing fancy, but just to serve some drinks, desserts and light snacks. And we used local ingredients as much as possible. The jelly was made from locally harvested seaweed. Fruits and sweet potatoes were from our member's orchard and veggie garden. The fish and rice we used for traditional Japanese pilaf were also local. Even the water we used was locally harvested Deep Sea Water (desalinated). So, actually, instant coffee, sugar, cinnamon and coffee lightener were probably the only store-bought things.

To make jelly from seaweed: You wash dried seaweed, cook it with water and a little vinegar...
Then pour it into a cloth bag and wring it to get the starchy liquid out.

We mixed in instant coffee, loquat preserves and Konatsu citrus confiture to make three different kinds of jelly.

Sweet potatoes were chopped, deep-fried and covered with icing. :)
We also had tokoroten (agar noodles) in these bamboo containers which were also made from the bamboo trees donated by a member's relative. They were boiled beforehand to sterilize. Sorry, I couldn't take photos of the noodles and pilaf, because they were sold out pretty quickly.
We are thinking about doing this again in summer vacation season. :)
Hope you could come and watch and taste our progress!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- you and your neighbors know how to make so many foods from scratch. Like which kinds of seaweed to use, how to clean it, etc. I hope this kind of information doesn't get forgotten!

Anonymous said...

I love that it was a community effort! Cooking is always fun with other people to help out (as long as you don't get in each others' way! lol)

obachan said...

Hi anonymous commenters,

Sorry I forgot to respond for such a long time. Yes, this is the kind of knowledge we want to pass down to future generations. And I totally agree with the second comment that it is fun as long as it's done peacefully. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow...first time visintg your blog.
And amazeeeee^^
The tokoroten bamboo is intriguing, I think I'll try it too, but with normal agar (I don't think we have agar noodles here). And the fried icing sweet potatoe too!


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