Sunday, April 15, 2012


Coffee flavored Gelato @ Rakuichi Market, Kiramesse Muroto

It was such a nice, warm day today. After giving a tour to 7 people this morning and driving for about 15 minutes in the warm sunshine, I needed something refreshing. So I went for gelato. Too bad my favorite flavor was sold out. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like a torch or a sculpture..."A view of the sea through a hole in the ice cream".

Anonymous said...

hi Obachan,

and btw, what's your favorite flavour on a hot day? mine is actually lemon popsicle:)

thanks for sharing your moments.


obachan said...

Yep! Artistic, isn't it? :D

obachan said...

Mine is Yuzu citrus flavor. It's so refreshing, but was sold out on that day.

Tooki said...

now, that sure looks yummy, esp on a hot day!


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