Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Soup Curry' Again

'Soup Curry' @ Restaurant Kaido

Perhaps I'm getting old... Oh, yes, there's no doubt about it. What I'm saying is that my food preference IS changing. I used to dislike this type of soupy curry dish. Now it's my favorite. :)

This restaurant, Kaido is not the place I always go to enjoy this particular dish. But today I felt like trying their soup curry, and I found it pretty good -- just a little too spicy for me, though. I liked the buttered toast soaked in the curry. The soft and somewhat sweet bread made the soup milder on my tongue.


Anonymous said...

Yuum~ I love curry. But what kind of dish is it, that it includes bread? I usually have noodles with beef curry (I guess you would call it soupy) and cilantro. It's so delicious! :9

littlelichen said...


obachan said...

Anonymous commenter
We usually have rice with curry. But this combination with a big piece of buttered bread was pretty good. Also, curry noodles with cilantro sounds good, too (though I want only a little amount of cilantro).

You like it, ha?

The B*critic said...

Hi Obachan - Kawaii!!

How are you?
Hope you are well.
My name is Michelle and I would love to get in touch about sharing recipes for your website.
Am a fan of the recipes you produce and with a new cookbook just realised would love to share some authentic yet creative dishes with your readers too!!

Do you think you would be interested in a giveaway?

THANKS!!! Would love to hear back soon.



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