Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yet Another Donburi

Surimi Donburi

Donburi again? Yep. It's just a coincidence. I joined a tour the other day and this was our lunch on the day 1. And it was REALLY good.

Surimi means something similar to fishcake. This breaded and deep-fried fishcake was not fishy or greasy, and tasted so good with the sauce flavored with yuzu citrus.
Good job!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks so good! *-* I want to learn how to make that. The golden color is so perfect!

obachan said...

I can only imagine how to do the deep-frying part, but have no idea about how to make the fishcake. Maybe by using a food processor? And the sauce was just perfect for me -- not too sour or too sweet -- but again, I don't know how they made it so tasty but not greasy at all...


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