Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Windy Day on the Cape with Very Nice People!

Pumpkin Flan? @ UTOCO (Hoshino Resort UTOCO Auberge & Spa)

Yesterday was a G R E A T day for me. A very good friend of mine came to re-visit my hometown, and she brought her friend this time. Me and my two Japanese friends welcomed them at the information center, then the five of us strolled around on Cape Muroto in the 16 m/s wind! LOL

After the nice walk, we had this Kaisen-don (a bowl of rice with seafood on top) at a hotel restaurant.

I liked the dish, but what really tickled me was the lovely dessert, pumpkin flan.

Nice chat over a good meal... That was something I didn't have for quite a while.
It sure was an unforgettable day. :)


Anonymous said...

Having a great conversation with friends is always the best, isn't it? Even if during the busy day to day, I don't think of that is something I'm missing, once I have a great conversation, I realize, "Wow, that really hit the spot," or, "I haven't laughed this much in a while, huh?" It's really refreshing. :)

obachan said...

I totally agree!! After having fun with them, I felt so refreshed and was full of energy. Friendship is one of the treasures of life. :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely! How does Kaisen-don differ from Chirashizushi? They both appear to be a bowl of rice topped with a variety of sashimi.

obachan said...

Oh, thanks for the question. :)

The biggest difference is the rice. Plain white rice can be used for Kaisen-don (I think), but for chirashi-zushi, the rice is always sushi rice seasoned mostly with vinegar and sugar. And chirashi-zushi is often served on a plate or in a flat container, and its toppings do not have to be seafood.

Have you tried image search with "chirashizushi?" So many mouth-watering photos of the dish. (Oh, I want to eat some right now!)

tofugirl said...

That pumpkin flan looks so delicious! I've tried making it once before, and it was kind of a failure....maybe I will try again.

obachan said...

Hi tofugirl,

Better luck next time. :)

The last time I tried making pumpkin flan or pudding myself was... wow, in 2009! Gee, it's a long time ago. My baking fairy must be on a long hiatus...


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