Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Love Alfonsino Fish!

Kinme Donburi (alfonsino on a bowl of rice)

I posted about this tasty fish, alfonsino about two months ago. But as you can probably tell, this is an expensive donburi (rice bowl) dish. Kinme is the same thing as Kinmedai -- red fish with golden eyes. There was a food-tasting event this afternoon, and I managed to sneak in and take some photos.

Small bowls for participants to taste and give feedback to chefs

Well, I did more than just taking photos. I actually tasted one of these mini-bowls. The fillet was grilled with teriyaki sauce, which was just a little too sweet for me.

Kinme Donburi, Kagetsu Version

Currently, eight restaurants in the city serves this Kinme donburi. What's in the photo above is the version served at a traditional Japanese restaurant named Kagetsu.

And you know what? The best part is, after eating about half of this donburi dish, pouring dashi broth into the bowl and eating it like chazuke. :)

* Please note that the availability of alfonsino dish depends on the catch.


Anonymous said...

It seems that your taste is a litle different from most of Japanese... I say this because it's common to hear they saying 'ammai' when approving some food!

obachan said...

Well... not always. "Amai" means "sweet." When the sweetness of some food is within your acceptable range, the word may be associated with approval. But when it is TOO sweet to your taste, you simply say that it's too sweet -- just the same way as you say something is "too salty" or "too bitter" or "too sour."

Brenda I said...

Where is the restaurant you mentioned "Kagetsu" located?

obachan said...

Hi Brenda,

Kagetsu is in Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. You can find it on google map. Copy and paste the number below to the address bar.


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