Friday, February 24, 2012

In Case of Emergency

Kenchin jiru (Pork-and-Vegetable Soup) and Rice Balls

Look what we made in the Safety Wise Training the other day! For more details, see my photo album on Facebook. :)

Katsuo no Tataki (Seared Bonito) with Overwhelming Condiments

It was proven that we were capable of surviving after a natural disaster, provided that there were rice, vegetables and fresh bonito around. LOL

I wrote the above sentence when I was a bit drunk, and now I realize that it sounds pretty awkward. (Well, my English is usually awkward anyway, but I mean, this is much more awkward than usual.)
How about this? "It was proven that we had the capability to survive after a natural disaster, provided that there would be rice, vegetables and fresh bonito around."
Oh well... It's not the grammar that's important. The most important thing is that my funny English can make some people feel better. (Right? ;))

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yet Another Donburi

Surimi Donburi

Donburi again? Yep. It's just a coincidence. I joined a tour the other day and this was our lunch on the day 1. And it was REALLY good.

Surimi means something similar to fishcake. This breaded and deep-fried fishcake was not fishy or greasy, and tasted so good with the sauce flavored with yuzu citrus.
Good job!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Love Alfonsino Fish!

Kinme Donburi (alfonsino on a bowl of rice)

I posted about this tasty fish, alfonsino about two months ago. But as you can probably tell, this is an expensive donburi (rice bowl) dish. Kinme is the same thing as Kinmedai -- red fish with golden eyes. There was a food-tasting event this afternoon, and I managed to sneak in and take some photos.

Small bowls for participants to taste and give feedback to chefs

Well, I did more than just taking photos. I actually tasted one of these mini-bowls. The fillet was grilled with teriyaki sauce, which was just a little too sweet for me.

Kinme Donburi, Kagetsu Version

Currently, eight restaurants in the city serves this Kinme donburi. What's in the photo above is the version served at a traditional Japanese restaurant named Kagetsu.

And you know what? The best part is, after eating about half of this donburi dish, pouring dashi broth into the bowl and eating it like chazuke. :)

* Please note that the availability of alfonsino dish depends on the catch.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Windy Day on the Cape with Very Nice People!

Pumpkin Flan? @ UTOCO (Hoshino Resort UTOCO Auberge & Spa)

Yesterday was a G R E A T day for me. A very good friend of mine came to re-visit my hometown, and she brought her friend this time. Me and my two Japanese friends welcomed them at the information center, then the five of us strolled around on Cape Muroto in the 16 m/s wind! LOL

After the nice walk, we had this Kaisen-don (a bowl of rice with seafood on top) at a hotel restaurant.

I liked the dish, but what really tickled me was the lovely dessert, pumpkin flan.

Nice chat over a good meal... That was something I didn't have for quite a while.
It sure was an unforgettable day. :)


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