Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warm Lunch on a Cold, Windy Day!

Lettuce Fried Rice with Starchy Sauce, Shrimp Spring Roll, Salad and Miso Soup

It was so windy today. See the waves in the photo below? See how the wave splash was being blown by the wind? On a day like this, nothing beats a warm lunch with steaming hot soup and tea. :)

I had lunch at a seaside restaurant.

Some coarsely ground black pepper flakes were hiding beneath the spring roll.

I liked everything, except that the fried rice was a little too salty for me.

They still had traditional ornament from the New Year's Day. The red berries looked so lovely. :)


K and S said...

wonderful lunch :) hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan

how are you doing?

Lunch looks delicious. I wonder what that lettuce fried rice tastes like. Was the lettuce cooked too?

Take care

Tooki said...

that looks absolutely delicious - what better to have on such a day? That's also a lovely arrangement!

obachan said...

K and S
I'm doing fine. BTW, I'm visiting Kobe on the 16th, Jan. It's been a while since I was there last time...

Hi. Yea, looks like things are looking up... a little.
Yes, the lettuce was stir-fried, maybe a bit too long this time? This is my favorite dish (when cooked properly) but now lettuce is very expensive over here...

How have you been? Hope you're feeling better now.
Sending you a warm hug from Japan. ;)


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