Friday, October 28, 2011

Pizza and GingerAle

Pizza Margherita

I've been quite active as a volunteer tour guide recently as posted here. Sometimes I give two tours (or even more) a day and get so tired afterward. Today was one of those days. Usually when I am exhausted, I go for something sweet with a cup of hot coffee. But for some reason, after giving two tours today, I craved for cheese. So these are what I had: Pizza Margherita and ginger ale.

Yes, I spent a nice, relaxing time at the restaurant. :)


RONW said...

wasn't aware of the newer blog until now. It's difficult or can be difficult posting on 2 blogs on a steady basis with the everything else.

obachan said...

I agree. That's why I'm posting less frequently on this blog these days.

Anonymous said...

Yummm, that pizza looks so tasty! *-* Also, I was unaware of a newer blog as well?! Thanks for sharing, RONW. I will go check that out as well.


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