Saturday, October 01, 2011

Norway 3

The second day of our two-day field trip after a geopark-related conference in Norway. To be perfectly honest, the trip was not as good as the first day. Mostly it was because of the disappointing weather. It was cold and rainy, though the rain stopped once in a while.

In the morning, we visited a production site of Larvikite, the national rock of Norway. The rock itself was interesting. But what was more fun to me was seeing geologists being excited like small kids.

We saw children's performance near the beach and loved it very much. Each of them had a role as a rock and told us what it was made of and how it was made.

It was very lucky that the rain stopped for a while for our lunch outside of the bus.

After that, we visited a place known for traditional salmon fishing. See the river?

These are the people who made the wonderful salmon dishes for us. THANK YOU!! xxx

Our last stop was at a herb farm.

The traditional farm house reminded me of "Ann of green gables."

This last photo was taken at the airport, either Sandefijord or Copenhagen. (I cannot remember which it was...)

I enjoyed almost everything I ate during my stay in Norway. But I have to confess that a craving for rice and miso soup started a few days before our departure. Hahaha... Those were the first thing I had when I came home on the night of the 22nd, September.

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Tooki said...

lovely photos and the food looks absolutely yummy! Norway seems like a nice place.......


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