Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm in Norway Now, And We Did It!!!!

I'm in Norway now, attending a geopark conference. And last night, we -- the project I've been working for -- were accredited as a member of the Global Geoparks Network!
I'm not going to give a long explanation about what the Network is about. But we have worked SOOO hard for the member status of this network, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life to hear the announcement of our accreditation last night at the conference dinner.

The work required for this project almost ruined my life. You know that made me too busy to blog, and also made me totally dependent on my relatives for driving my dad and mom to the hospital. But this great feeling of accomplishment ... !

Maybe it was not such a bad idea that I worked for this project.


awo said...

Congratulations! That's absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad that all your hard work finally paid off.

totoro kaiwa said...

Hooray!!!! Obachan
What great news!


Tooki said...

Although I am rather new to your blog I have missed your posts...I am glad you are still in one wonderful piece and congratulations! Hope days ahead you will be able to rest. And blog. Regards!

Anonymous said...

I read the article about the project `Geo Park' on the newspaper this morning.
I was wondering that would be the hard work what you mean. I was very glad to see it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Obachan! I just read the great news about the Muroto area. :)

RK said...

Congratulations Obachan!! I thought of you and said "Yesss!!" when I saw the great news on TV. I hope you now have some time to rest and blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wooow! Congratulations! We are all happy for you! It seems like even though this project has been stressful, it's also given you many wonderful experiences and opportunities. :) And to be in the beautiful country of Norway! How exciting~! Take pictures for all of us.

K and S said...

way to go!

Badcat said...

WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Congrats!

RONW said...


Anonymous said...


That's a wonderful news coming from Norway and its been quite some time you sound so positive.

Live your Dreams!

love malaysiaelayne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Obachan! Wow, Norway, how exciting your life has become. So happy for you!!


blaine said...



obachan said...

Thank you very, very much, everyone!
It has been really, truly crazy. But now I feel that I'm ready to make a new decision.


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