Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Norway - 2

At a meat shop in Kragerø

This is a photo I took at a local meat shop in Norway. In our"geotour" we stopped by at this shop and tasted their sausage. It was so good.

But before I tell you about the meat shop, let me start from the beginning of the field trip we were in on that day.
The houses in Norway look so lovely, being painted in pretty colors. You take a photo at anywhere and it will make a nice postcard. We had an hour boat tour to Jomfruland.

Jomfruland was a long island made of glacial deposits. (Is this correct? If I'm not mistaken, the deposits there are called end moraine.) I truly loved this scenery of cows relaxing on the beach, so close to the sea. The scenery of cows and seaweed being so close together looked so unusual to me.

We have traditional stone walls like these in our hometown, which block windows very well but look kind of plain. The stone walls here looked, again, so pretty in different colors and I loved them.

The stroll on the island was just lovely. We had fish cake sandwiches for lunch. You know Japan is surrounded by the sea and we eat a lot of fish. We have wide variety of fish products, including various kinds of fish cakes. But I would say that the fish cake I had that day was better than any Japanese one I had had before. Honestly.

After coming back to Kragerø, our tour visited an old mine (in the middle of the town!) and some shops in town.
See? Kitty-chan is all over the world!

We stopped at a meat shop. There each of us was given a piece of sausage to taste, which I thought a nice idea.

The sausage was very good, though a little too salty. It made me want to drink something -- like wine. (Maybe that was the reason for the saltiness?)

It was truly a nice one-day trip.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm in Norway Now, And We Did It!!!!

I'm in Norway now, attending a geopark conference. And last night, we -- the project I've been working for -- were accredited as a member of the Global Geoparks Network!
I'm not going to give a long explanation about what the Network is about. But we have worked SOOO hard for the member status of this network, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life to hear the announcement of our accreditation last night at the conference dinner.

The work required for this project almost ruined my life. You know that made me too busy to blog, and also made me totally dependent on my relatives for driving my dad and mom to the hospital. But this great feeling of accomplishment ... !

Maybe it was not such a bad idea that I worked for this project.


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