Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just to Let You Know

Hi! Sorry about not posting for a long time. I'm OK, though I'm in a real, real crazy month right now. Why so crazy? Because the evaluation of our geopark is taking place next month, almost 1 month earlier than we all had expected. We were truly shocked and speechless when the evaluation dates were officially announced. But now, we are just doing our best, because that's the only thing we can do, after all.

I'll let you know more about it in a few days. Sorry, no food photo today.


K and S said...

glad you are doing fine!

totoro kaiwa said...

I've been gone a long time too and just read on your other blog about your mother changing hospitals. Hope all is well with your mom and dad.

Congratulations on your Geopark! Evaluation so soon?


Patzie said...

all the best for your work! :)

Maya said...


I'm very happy I found your blog! My mother and I enjoyed browsing the interesting vegetables and recipes you post about.

She says Kochi is in 四国, where my uncle used to live. Most of our family live in Otake, in 広島市, but my mother raised me in Michigan, USA where she now lives with me, my husband, and our two children. :)

I found your site when I was searching for information on go-ya tea, because our friend just gave us some. We're hoping to find a place nearby that sells the bitter melon, so we can make some tea. I don't think it's hot enough to grow in our garden, but maybe we'll give it a try next year as I'm sure I can find the seeds.

So, I look forward to your future updates! I hope all is well with you and your parents now. Take care!



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