Friday, March 11, 2011

No, I Haven't Given Up!

You thought I gave up on this blog? No, no! It's been a long hiatus, but my heart was always on this blog and you, kind readers. Oh, you know me, don't you!

Honestly speaking, I've been really busy. As the person who sent me these goodies in the photos above knows, I never went home before 9 pm for the past couple of weeks. There were several nights that I went home past midnight. And what really sucks is that all those efforts often do not pay off!

It was one of those terrible times when a friend of mine sent me these -- should I call them crackers? -- made from sweet potatoes. Just when we (me and my colleagues) needed to bite on something really crispy. Stress reduction, you know.

(added after 10 pm, same day)

To those who have heard about the earthquake in Japan:
Please don't worry. Me and my family are OK. The earthquake hit the northern part of Japan, so we didn't feel much shaking here. But because of the tsunami warning, city employees stayed in the city office until late at night for disaster response. They might be still there, since the warning level in our prefecture was just raised. Aftershock tsunami, I suppose.

This afternoon, after we saw the TV news on the earthquake, my colleague and I were sent to the promenade on the cape to tell tourists and anglers to stay away from the sea. Then we kept watching the news on ustream for the rest of the day. It's terrible. Especially the tsunami! It's so fast. That's what we are expecting in the near future....
Anyway, I'm tired because so many unexpected things happened today; I'm going to bed earlier tonight.


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