Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend in the Snow

The lunch on the last day of our trip

OMG! It's already the end of the month!! :O
Forgive me for this procrastination. I prepared the draft of this post with these photos about 10 days ago. And I forgot to finish it.

Anyway, on the 17t of this month, I went to Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes in Wakayama Prefecture. It was a work-related trip, but still it was fun. But the snow and wind! Gee! We were worried that we might not be able to come back, because the ferry service between Honshu (main island) and Shikoku Island was stopped for several hours.

Wakayama is famous for umeboshi (pickled plums). Look. This entire section was umeboshi section!

And see? They make so many different kinds of umeboshi! Unbelievable! All these cute containers had umeboshi for tasting. Usually umeboshi is very salty and sour. There are some that are less salty or even sweetened with honey, but I wasn't too crazy about them.

But some of the umeboshi I tasted there on that day were amazing. They were not too salty, even slightly sweet, but not the artificial sweetness from something like honey or sugar, and had some refreshing fruit-like flavor. I bought a few packages for my family and relatives, and everyone loved it.

This is something to brag about. This is hot spring by the river. We bathed here at night. We (women) had bathing suits on, though. The water smelled a little strange, but it was quite a relaxing experience. But after getting out of the hot spring... Gosh, it WAS cold.

Kumano taisha shrine in the snow

It was just beautiful. The traditional shrine and the old pilgrimage road in the snow looked like a scene in totally different world.

I wish I could visit there again to enjoy several hot springs at different locations, and try more umeboshi. :)


K and S said...

even if you had to go for work, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :)

grub said...

wow you had a lovely trip! i have a penfriend who lives in Wakayama and she sent me umeboshi potato chips, they were awesome, so i believe fresh umeboshi are even better :)

Nicole said...

So nice to see you are enjoying your self Obachan (and that you are still around in the blogosphere). Sounds like a great business trip. It is always nice when a business trip is somewhere worth going (as long as you get to do a little visiting -and it sounds like you did).

Patzie said...

talking about natural onsen! what a lovely trip you had :)

Tindy said...


I hope your new year is going well.

I haven't visited the blog in so long!

I'm still not a fan of umeboshi...

mamashack said...

Hi, I have passed on my stylish blogger award to you! I have followed your blog for years and it was one of the very first blogs that i paid any attention to!

totoro kaiwa said...

Umeboshi! my favorite addition to rice.
Good to hear you are traveling.



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