Friday, October 15, 2010

No, I didn't Eat Elmo

Pork cutlet sandwich?

A baker's van comes on Fridays.

My colleague bought this one. Not me.

I haven't posted anything for a while, but don't worry. I've been doing OK and keeping myself busy. Last weekend I attended a training workshop for eco-tour interpreters. It was just so much fun.

I'll write more about it later... maybe tonight. :)


K and S said...

glad to hear you are doing fine. :)

Tindy said...

Ah, Obachan, I was wondering about you. (^_^)

I also have a question for you...
Your English is so good! Sometimes I can't believe you're not native.
I've been trying to get my Japanese up to a passable level, but right now I can understand 80-85% but only express maybe...30-35%. (T-T) And at least 60% of that is weird Japanese!

How did you get so good at English?

By the way my e-mail is la.dolce89 (at) (^_^;)

J P Hays said...

I'm happy to hear you're doing ok, Obachan!

That cutlet sandwich looks delicious! The only van that comes around my workplace sells tacos, and... well... tacos.

obachan said...

K & S;
Thanks. It's so encouraging to know that you're always out there to be my friend. :)

I appreciate your encouraging comment. Thanks. Yeah, it's usually like that. You understand what others say pretty well, but actually speaking the language is harder... I'm struggling to get my speaking better. It would help if you have someone close to you who you can talk to in Japanese.

JP Hays;
Oh, I miss tacos! I wish that van comes to our town, too... just once in a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about your blog and now I'm
your fan!
I've not yet travelled to Japan but I've made it a point that my next trip will be to your beautiful country. I MUST know Japan because my parents were Japanese and my heart is half Japanese (any kind of Japanese art touches me very much).
Now, let me go back to your earlier
blogs as I've usually done to know you better. It's always a very pleasant reading and I wish I could write as spontaneously as you do!

Tindy said...

Oh, I have at least an entire yosakoi team's worth of people to speak with (^_^;) Plus my boyfriend. I'm kind of surrounded by Japanese. I'm still having issues - it's going really slowly. (Oh, but I learned that "I almost forgot" isn't "ほとんど忘れちゃった"... (笑)

Thanks for the comment <3

PS: There are tacos in Sapporo! Lots of tacos! Time for a trip? lol

Implosion said...

Glad to hear you're well.
Keep working hard and enjoying life.

Leo Sigh said...

I had a pork cutlet sandwich just last week in Bangkok. Looked similar, but no Elmo :)

Anonymous said...


Glad you are doing well and have enjoyed the interpreter class. Your picture of Katsu sandwich made my mouth water, just by looking at it. I will be visiting Japan shortly and katsu sandwich definitely will be on my "things to eat while in Japan" list.


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