Monday, July 26, 2010

Our First Harvest of Watermelon


Actually this photo was taken about a week ago. The first watermelon from dad's veggie garden. Compared to the luncheon mat underneath, I guess you can tell the size of it. Yep, pretty big-- too big for the fridge in our kitchen. So as we always do, we cut the watermelon into slices and cut off all green parts so that all we have left was flat slabs of edible parts only. Then we put them into big tupperwares, as flat as possible, to fit them into any room left in the fridge. ;P And I gave the rest to my friends.

Seems like we are going to have fewer but sweeter watermelons than last year.


K and S said...

this is beautiful!

grub said...

i say a fewer but sweeter crop is better than having more bland watermelons!

will you be trying any watermelon recipes or just eating watermelon like it is?

totoro kaiwa said...

What a gorgeous watermelon!

asiansupper said...

Yes ... we do with our watermelons, too. Sometimes we pre-cube them to easily make watermelon juice/smoothies.

DGB said...

sure beats my 0 watermelons so far being grown in a plastic kiddie pool full of soil


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